Will the Real Herd Immunity Please Stand Up?

Will the Real Herd Immunity Please Stand Up?

When you don’t look, think or act like the herd, you stick out, even if you are the only one not grazing your way toward the edge of a cliff.  Of course, the ones who differ from the rest of the herd also stand out to the ones driving the herd off the cliff (like a buffalo jump). -After all, good sheep herders must deal with those trouble makers to keep the other sheep in line-

Why am I referring to society as a “herd”? Because “herd immunity” seems to be the term of the decade, something suddenly parroted by the government, government bureaucracies, the “scientific community” as a “whole”, doctors, and the masses… The term was seldom used by the non-scientific community even five years ago, yet suddenly everyone is an expert.

If the government needs you to blindly believe, except, and regurgitate something, you really should ask yourself why. You should instinctively do the exact opposite of what they expect you to do blindly upon their shoving fill-in-the-blank narrative down the herd’s throat or injecting it into their bodies…

Real herd immunity is being able to think and act for yourself, no matter what the herd pressures you to do, and really has nothing to do with what is or is not injected into our bodies.

You can have real herd immunity, or manufactured “herd immunity”, and unless your decisions are yours and yours alone through hours, and hours of research (looking at all possible sides of the issue), wrought with skepticism and questioning everything (through actual critical thinking, you certainly cannot have both.

Do you have actual herd immunity? Or are you just one part of the herd about to walk off the cliff because that is what “the powers that be” said to do? And after all, the “powers to be” are experts, right? They know better than the herd, right?

This applies to all areas of your life, this is not only about healthcare, this is about every, single aspect of your life.

“But, Michelle, I do think for myself, I am very opinionated and not afraid to let people know what is on my mind.” OK, great, then you won’t mind answering a few questions then. -Answer if you share this post, answer in your head (honestly), whatever, just answer them, I can’t see your answers unless you comment on this article so it is really between you and God, and just keep in mind, He does know the truth, you can lie to and convince yourself of things, but you cannot lie to God.

Are your principles based on what is socially acceptable to the herd? Do your principles wax and wane as social norms morph?

Are you careful with what you post on social media because it might be contrary to most of the herd, and you don’t want to be an outcast?

Are you afraid to actually be different, afraid to stand out in stark contrast to the herd around you, concerning anything at all?

Are you able to take anything and everything you have taught to be true and look at all sides of it, question things?

Application: We have all heard the parable of generations of women in a particular family cutting the ends off the ham, because Great Grandma always did.  We later find out, that Great Grandma only cut the ends off her hams because she just didn’t have a large enough vessel to hold a full-sized ham. Yet, her daughters, granddaughters, and great-granddaughters  never thought to ask why Great Grandma cut the ends off the ham, they just did it because that is how “we have always done it”.

I am a black sheep, I have more enemies than most people have friends, and I don’t care. I will stick out like a sore thumb, because I am not ashamed of who God created me to be, I am not ashamed to play the game of life by His rules, and I am not ashamed that I question everything that doesn’t sound like it aligns with the Word of God. I have nothing to hide, and because I have life in Christ, being different is nothing to fear.

Remember this, you will stand before God one day (whether you acknowledge His existence or not), what did you do with the life He gave you? Did you conform to societal norms because it was the easier thing to do? Did you always take the path of least resistance?

The Bible is very clear about what happened to God’s chosen people every time they conformed with the society around them. (And even societies they left behind)

Christians, if you do everything the societal herd says you should, have you done so after first making sure those things line up with the Word of God? Because most of the time the societal herd does not default to what is acceptable to God. The societal herd is more about the “common good” and all about stripping away individual thought and ones’ autonomy over their individual life.

Strive for herd immunity, don’t simply accept the status quo like it is a ham with the ends cut off. Question everything, look deeper at everything, and take absolutely nothing at face value. Having real herd immunity isn’t always easy, the rest of the herd will think you are crazy as you go a different direction while they all meander toward the edge of a cliff, if you would rather fall off a cliff than be noticeably different, then that is your choice.

I will continue to operate outside the status quo, because my Savior also live outside the status quo, and if being an outcast is good enough for my Savior, it is good enough for me.