About Michelle

Michelle Sabrosky is a Christian homeschool mother of six (ages 30 down to 10) and has a granddaughter who will be making her worldwide debut in April of 2019.

Michelle has been homeschooling since the 2009-2010 school year, and jumped head first into the political activism life in 2012 when Common Core looked like it could threaten homeschool liberty. From 2012 to 2016 Michelle fought for educational freedom and educational parental rights as an activist and lobbyist, before becoming a gun rights activist and lobbyist in 2016.

Michelle has written legislation and testified in legislative committees and enjoys making legislators squirm in their seats when she walks up to the microphone.

Michelle currently serves on the Natrona County Republican Party Central Committee as a Precinct Committee person, and has served as a delegate to the Wyoming Republican Party Convention twice. The last time making headlines for open carrying her firearm with several other “radicals” on the “gun free zone” property of the University of Wyoming. (The law says that concealed carry is not permitted on the University of Wyoming property).

Michelle first developed a love of radio while doing a YouTube Trending/pop culture segment on Wyoming Mornings with Chuck Gray on KVOC AM 1230 in Casper, WY and looks forward to sharing her love and passion for liberty on the Ladies of Liberty Podcast.

In her spare time Michelle also enjoys helping families begin their homeschooling journey, and has a website (wyhomeschool.com) dedicated to supporting and encouraging new and seasoned homeschoolers alike, and offers many resources including the forms a family will need to begin their homeschooling adventure.

Michelle hopes that this podcast will encourage more liberty minded people to take a stand for liberty, because liberty is worth fighting for.